Pest Prevention For New Homeowners

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Pest prevention to the new homeowners

Prevention is always better than cure and hence it is important to find pest prevention measures to minimize infestations to your home. As a new homeowner, you should try your best to prevent various insects from getting their way to your house. Some of these pests include the spiders, rodents, bugs, ants among many others. The moment these pests get their way to the house, they multiply at a high rate making it hard for the homeowner to control them. By considering the kind of damage that they can cause to your home, you should find preventive measures that will effectively minimize the chances of such pets getting into your home.

There are various effective home pest control measures that you can help you in deterring various pests from getting their way into your home. With effective preventive measures you will be able to stop most of the problems before they begin. These pests are dangerous to your health and also to that of your pets.  Some of the pests keep on migrating seasonally hence making it quite challenging to control them when they get into your house.


You can use home pest control measure to minimize the risk of the pests invading your home. It is a measure that involves minimizing and removing a wide variety of pests and insects from your home. It involves management of pest species that are perceived to be detrimental to an individual’s health and ecology.  The most effective pest control measure is to remove their food supply and breeding sites. This includes various activities such as managing garbage sites to make it less attractive to pests, cleaning up spilled food and eliminating the damp conditions around the house. You should also try to detect the source of an infestation and work from there to prevent the pests from further breeding.

Home pest control also involves maintaining low moisture levels. This is because most of the insects are often drawn to water hence it is advisable to maintain low moisture levels around your house. You can do this through wiping out spills, fixing leaks and avoid leaving water sitting out. You should also ensure that you have covered the well tightly and other sources of stagnant water.


To derive the best results from this process, you should first identify the pests that are a major threat in your surroundings. You should then search from the internet information regarding that pest such as feeding habits, breeding habits and also its entry points. With such information you will to effectively prevent pests from multiplying and increasing in your new home. You only need to destroy their entry points and create unconducive environment for them to breed. This will make it easy for you to control the pests that may evade your home.

It is advisable to avoid leaving porch lights on during the evening as it collect a cloud of moth and other insects that are attracted to light. Anytime when you open the door, the insects that are swirling around the light are swept into the house. You can prevent this by reducing the attraction time through turning on the porch lights on only when they are needed. By putting such measures in place, you will be able to prevent the pests that may infest your new home.