Keen Tips to Help Construct Your Greenhouse

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If you’re looking to take planting to another level, you might want to invest in a greenhouse. Of course, you can get someone built it outside, but there’s a certain feeling of pride when you construct it all on your own. A greenhouse helps to amplify your garden by letting you extend the growing season even in times where you may not be able to plant a particular crop. This way you can get a leg up with your seeds growing before you transfer it into your garden in the ground. Save yourself time and money by coming up with your own greenhouse. Here are a few tips to help you construct this house in your backyard.

image1Finding the Right Materials to Construct the Greenhouse

There are a few major things you need to construct on the greenhouse like the walls, doors, base frame, and of course the screen to help get the right kind of sunlight. That’s why you need a myriad of materials to help you set everything up. You need good framing materials like reinforcing bars that are at least 3 feet long. Don’t forget to include your PVC pipe and cut them up into segments so they fit along the walls just right. Speaking of walls, you’ll need plywood sheeting for different ends of the greenhouse. Not to mention, you want to get the right screen doors and hinges to help bolt everything down. You can’t have a greenhouse without good doors to enter and exit. Make sure you also invest in quality exterior grade lumber and different clamps so you can hold your base frame material down in a stable fashion.  Different steel plate brackets also come in handy.  Of course, you need different sizes of screws and nails to keep things secure. Whether you have your own drill or work with a hammer, just be careful by using goggles to protect your eyes. Remember, safety comes first.

Picking the Right Location and Building the Foundation


Before you begin the construction of your greenhouse, you need to know what place in your backyard holds the most sunlight. Not only that, but it needs to last throughout the day so you give your seeds and plants enough nourishment for growth.  Next thing you want to do is contact your local municipal office. There are certain codes and regulations for building a greenhouse. You want to make sure that you get confirmation of whether or not you need a permit to build in a particular zone. Please be sure to call someone to see if the location you desire doesn’t affect any utilities in your neighborhood. Now you can begin the foundation of constructing everything.

Putting the Finishing Touches on Your Greenhouse


Once you’ve laid the foundation, set up your base frame, constructed the walls and doors, and have your piping down to a science, you want to use a polyethylene sheet to go over your greenhouse. It’s good to get assistance so you can roll this over easily on each side of the house. Use wood furring strips to help you nail down each part of the cover down properly.  If you have any remaining film at the end of the process, just wrap it securely around the base frame. Constructing your greenhouse takes a bit of work, but it’s a pleasure to have in your backyard.