Identifying Tree Risk

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Identifying tree risk

To make the serenity of your compound appealing, you should plants various types of trees such as fruit and flower trees. You should promote the growth and prosperity of your trees through tree trimming to ensure the trees grow healthy and fast. You should also identify those tree that should be removed and plan on how to remove them safely. Removing trees is a risky process that should be carefully handled due to the damage it can cause to your family and your properties. You should therefore hire a company dealing with tree removal services to remove the trees in your compound.

Trees with defects and that are about to fall are very risky when they are in our compound. We should therefore not hesitate to contact an arborist to remove such trees before causing damage to our properties. An arborist should do a general inspection of the trees in your compound and identify the one that should be pruned and removed. The general inspection will involve checking a tree crown in general and identify whether there are some that leaning in a particular way or dying off.


There are many companies that are offering tree services hence you should find the right one to hire. You should ensure the one you are hiring has been licensed by the relevant authority and it is also insured. Such a company will assure you that you will be compensated if any of your properties get damaged by the company employees. You should also consider the number of years a company has been in this business. The longer the period a company has been in operating the high the level of experience. Such a company will be able to effectively remove the tree. It is also vital to consider the cost that you will incur in tree removal services. Find a company that charges low cost and that is affordable to you.

There are various indicators of a tree failure that you should check to avoid the risks associated with trees. One of the strongest indicators of a tree failure is a branch at the base of main branch which is large in diameter than the branch it stems from. Codominant stems are also huge risks of a tree. This is a situation in which two tree are coming from one trunk. Because there is a bark between them where they connect, the union of the two trunks is weak and at a risk of failure at any time.


The most cause of injury is removing the dead branches within the canopy of a tree. In case they are very large, the fall off and cause damage to anything that is in the way.  To minimize some of these tree risks, you should use the arborist equipments and carry out the process effectively and safely.  Some of the most important arborist equipments include; throw lines, climbing ropes and throw weight to ensure the rope stays in the right place. A safety lanyard is also an important basic tool that is important in tree climbing and felling.

By hiring an arborist you are assured of minimizing tree risks in your compound. This makes your compound safe to you and your family. It also minimizes the risk of damage that may occur on your properties. You should therefore hire a reputable arborist to offer quality tree services.