How To Protect Your Bed From Bed Bugs

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How to protect your bed from bed bugs?


You may think your flat is clean but let’s be honest. Without professional help keeping your home totally clean is a way too demanding task which cannot be often done on top level. Therefore, our homes are prone to get attacks from bed bugs, these hard-to-see tiny creatures, which may move into your mattress, live there and ocassionally sting you.  It’s hard to argue that beds, especially mattresses need an overall provection from bed bugs, in order to enable a good and safe night’s sleep.

These tiny insects can live in several places in your home which include

  • all sorts of frames from door to window
  • picture frames
  • dark dusty and hardly reachable places
  • inside the carpet
  • inside your mattress

There are several ways to clean your home and specifically your bed from bed bugs such as the following:

Chemical treatment

  • this is an overall treatment
  • for the long haul effect the treatment will last several days
  • chemicals may affect people in the wrong way after treatment

Experimenting with DIY resolutions

  • Natural remedies
  • Applying hard vacuuming on the bed, mattress and carpets
  • heavy washingg of all sheets and mattress with hot water
  • vinegar and salt
  • learning from DIY publishings on the internet

Heat treatment

  • short-time treatment with long haul effects
  • has to have lots of preparations to make sure the whole room is warmed up
  • costly treatment but will do the job withou any chemicals

Seeing a bedbug is a very hard task as they are small and they live at hidden place. Here are some techniques you can use:

  • check your body for insect bites.
  • check for tiny brown to reddish spots on your bedding, if you can check the inside of your mattress.
  • proceed with preventive clearning periodically
  • if your mattress is heavily used, change it to a new one
  • buy specific protection layer for your mattress which gives great help against bed bugs.
  • Matressing cases

This time we would like to discuss all the pros of specific matressing cases which are specifically designed to prevent bedbugs to infest any bed.

Let’s see the key advantages of the mattressing cases:

  • bite entry and exit proof
  • stop the spead of bedbugs
  • clean proof surface
  • good fabric
  • streching side panel
  • matress and box spring protection
  • lockable zipper to prevent accidental opening
  • quick and easy to examine
  • prevent staining
  • prevent infestation
  • encasement also is used as a trap

Be aware that the mattressing case is used as an undercover for sheets, not instead of it, however its material offers a good nights sleep.

The specific mattressing cases were specificall made to fit any mattress, offering designs for single, double and kind sized beds. Their cleaning is quick and easy.

Check out the high quality mattressing cases which may serve as your base of bed bug protection.