How To Prep A Deck For Resurfacing

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How To Prep A Deck For Resurfacing

Just like many other projects, resurfacing your deck is based on good preparation. This implies thorough cleaning and stripping beforehand. There are many ways to clean your deck and the chances are that you will require more than a method. Here are step by step guide on how to prepare a deck for resurfacing:


  • Scrubbing

Try to scrub with your hand or with a stiff-bristle push broom because this is an effective means to prepare a deck. It might not scour tight corners or deep cracks in the way a pressure washer could but if you apply trisodium phosphate (TSP) or a commercial cleaner, this method could be enough for small jobs. There are some professionals that actually prefer brush-scrubbing as a better harsh means when compared to power washing.

  • Stripping

Eliminating the old stain with chemical stripper is not common with decks but it is an excellent job when compared to a power washer only. Stripper is especially valuable for the places where old stain still adheres tightly such as on railings and other places that are exposed to little wear than the major deck surface.

  • Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a good standard in deck cleaning because it will efficiently remove all dirt, old stain and debris from the wood. Many pressure washers could be used with trisodium phosphate (TSP) or other deck cleaners for better result. Anytime you are using washer, do not allow the spray to linger in a spot for long to avoid gouge the spot if it is wood. It is advisable to remove discolouration or stubborn stains with a stripper than with too much application of aggressive washing.


Preparation Tips

  • Avoid the destruction of the closer plants

Ensure you wet the nearby foliage before you use deck cleaner or stripper to reduce the chemical damage. After the completion of the deck cleaning, spray the plants against as to wash off the residue of the chemical.

  • Treat: Application of the Finishing

Prior the use of finish, let the deck dry for ample time. Go through the label of the product for directive and reset the popped nail heads, change warped or split boards prior refinishing. As soon as your deck is clean and dry, apply finish. Finishes is usually clear, tinted, semitransparent and also with solid colours. The appearance you choose is a matter of your won preference but there must be practical consideration in the sense that the products with clear or tinted feature usually last for a year or two based on the climate condition. But semitransparent and solid stains always last for two to four years. Stain could be used in many ways which include some new products that could make the job much easier.


  • Roller and Brushes

Ordinary paint roller could make easy work of staining a deck most especially if you can connect an extension handle. In order to reduce overlap marks, make sure you roll not more than a few deck boards per time and complete the full length before you start the next one. Even though, they are not large enough yet they are useful for railings and recesses that rollers cannot reach.

  • Sprayers

Sprayers are very good for applying stain due to the fact that they let you cover large areas fast and uniformly.