How To Clean Your Gutters

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How to Clean Your Gutters

Many people believe that gutter cleaning is a simple task. Majority of the homeowners could be wondering on the necessity of cleaning gutters because if care is not taken, debris could clog your gutters and stop water from passing. This could cause major damage to your roof above or your home below. You need to know that if it is not done correctly you will continue to have problems. You need to know the best way to clean your gutters without having to worry about them thereafter. The process is very easy.


The first thing you need to do if you want to clean your gutter in order to ensure that you have proper tools and garbage bags is that you will need small garden shovel. You can easily get one at any local home improvement store. Then look for a garden hose and ensure that it is long enough to reach any level of your home. Also get a couple of garbage bags of about thirty gallon size. Then do not forget to get an extension ladder of preferably 24 foot. This is a generic size that can work for every home of about two stories downwards.


After you might have gathered the necessary materials needed for your gutter cleaning the n you are ready to start. You can begin on the hardest part of your home. It is very important to start with the toughest part of the job. In that manner you will ensure that there is enough energy in you to do it. Just take your 24 foot ladder and place against the gutter and do not just place at any spot of your gutters but centre it with a gutter nail. In this sense you will not bend the gutters as you move up. Begin to climb. Make sure you take a garbage bag and shovel along with you. Remove all leaves and dirt with your hand and shovel, then come down from the ladder and move it over 3 to 6 feet. Repeat the same steps again and ensure that you put all the leaves in the garbage bag. Move round the entire building and keep repeating the step over and again. Ensure that you have an adjustable ladder if your homes are on a hill.

After you have moved round your home and carried out all this, then you are about to finish the cleaning. Just take your garden hose and wash out all the down spouts. Ensure that you check thoroughly to find out if water is running out smoothly. This is very essential. In this manner you can ensure that water is flowing very well and you will see that all the remnants dirt come out because if the left over dirt are still there, they can clog your gutters.


Now, your gutter is clean. This is the best way to maintain your home and put your gutter and your environment in shape. Maintaining clean gutter is indeed a major aspect of taking proper care of a home and must be properly done.