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Fertilizing trees

If you have planted trees in your home compound, you need to understand the necessary measures to make those trees healthy and grow fast. Trees need the proper nutrition like other plants and living organisms.  This nutrition can be given by adding fertilizers to make trees get healthy and beautiful.   You should therefore regularly fertilize your trees to make them grow as per to your expectations. Since there are various tree fertilizers that are manufactured to be applied at different seasons, it is advisable to consult a tree arborist to guide you on the best fertilizer to apply to your trees.

It is important to fertilize young trees as they are the ones that are growing and hence requires more nutrients to grow healthy. Most tree fertilizers contain various components such as phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen. All of these three nutrients are required for healthy and strong tree growth. Trees that are supplied with these essential nutrients do not grow much and the flowering trees do not produce the expected blossoms. These nutrients help the trees to resist various diseases that affect trees.  This means that those trees which are fertilized are not on risk of developing debilitating diseases and they are more resistant to insect’s damage.


If you are dealing with fruit trees, you should understand the mineral components that they require to produce quality fruits. Some of the minerals that are essential to fruit trees include; manganese, iron and zinc. Since the soil in various parts do not contain such minerals, fertilizing the trees is therefore important to supply those minerals to the trees. Before you apply fertilizer to your trees, the first step should be to take a sample of the soil and find the nutrients that are lacking in it. After the sampling has been completed, the best fertilizer can be recommended depending on the sample results.

Flowering trees produce large blossoms and they do so in great amount if they are properly fertilized. Such trees require a fertilizer that has high percentage of phosphorous as it highly needed by such trees. You can also opt for a bloom producer fertilizer as it is designed to increase the number of flowers a tree produce. For the flowering trees, it is recommended that you apply the fertilizer in early springs to increase to maximize the blossoms produced.


Finding the right fertilizer for your trees might be hard if you do not have skills and expertise of an arborist. It is therefore advisable to hire a competent tree arborist to guide you on the right fertilizer that is suitable for your trees. There are many tree arborists who are offering tree fertilization services in the market.  You should therefore evaluate a number of them and get the right one to hire. It is important to consider the cost that you will be charged by the professional that you are consulting. You should opt for the one who is offering cheap prices.

With the right information on the best tree fertilizer to apply in your trees, you will be assured of having healthy and beautiful trees in the garden. Such trees will make your compound beautiful and appealing to the onlookers.