Choosing Roof Shingle Style and Color

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Choosing Roof Shingle Style and Color


Shingles greatly define the look and feel of your home, but apart from that, color and shades play an even bigger role in the efficiency of the shingles’ protection. Let’s take a look at what you should consider when choosing the colour and the style of your shingles.

The characteristics:

The form and look of the shingles greatly define the whole look of your house in more than one ways:

  • stylistically
  • visually
  • aesthetically

On a closer look this means:

1.) The style of shingles includes more than one factors such as:

  • the material
  • the color
  • the form


There are hundreds of different styles, old or new which have set tight standards with respect to the whole outlook, therefore if you want a certain style of home, then you ought to start from the shingles. Of course, the main consideration is always the personal style.

Materials can have a much preferred colour, such as clay shingles keep their warm terracotta shades, while slate and asphalt shingles are rather featured with grayish to black shading, while wooden shingles are preferably brown to black brown shaded.

The main manufacturers often offer a visual palette where you can best see how color affect the outlook of a house.

2.) Visual effects

By visual characteristics we mean that by playing with the forms and shades of shingles you can basically re-define the outlook of your home. Certain shapes of tiles will make your home look:

  • larger
  • taller
  • smaller
  • shorter
  • more authentic
  • modern
  • classy

3.) Aesthetic outlook

On Aesthetics we mean the overall effect of your home from the outside, which raises a few questions in connection with interior and exterior design. Most people prefer to have their home mirror the outlook of their interiors though, therefore if you are building of renovating you ought to pay attention to the harmony of the inside and the outside.

The style and colour often depends on the actual size and shape of the roof a house has. An important fact to note is, that the lower the roof pitch is situated the more important the outlook and aesthetics the shingles would get.

There are numerous manufacturers who can also offer the help and assistance of an architect and interior designer to make sure your home’s exterior and interior are in sync.

The effectiveness:

The shade of your shingles also has a larger importance than the mere outlook. With the shading you can make your home help you in being a lot more cost effective too. While darker shades can help a lot for those living in a colder climate, with th better absorbing of sun energy, the lighter shades work a lot more for those living in a warmer climate area. Several research shows, that lighter shades offer a great help in keeping hot outside by not absorbing the sunrays as much as darker shade shingles do. Today, shingles are greatly used as a source of energy which, with the arrival of sun-battery is not a myth any longer and this way make you save a considerable amount of money too.