Chainsaw Safety and Proper Operation

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Chainsaw Safety and Proper Operation

Chainsaw is a common tool used for cutting down trees and also for chopping firewood. They are usually used by the professional loggers in their every day work. This tool is very powerful to the extent that it could cause serious injuries at all the time used if not used properly. Just a minor chainsaw injury will need about 110 stitches; you will see that that does not sound minor! Many injuries caused by chainsaw usually occur on the legs and knees.


Before you start using the engine, it is very important to carry out some safety measure. Here are some safety checks:

  • Make sure the chain is very sharp because if the cutting teeth refuse to cut into the wood, the saw will kick back.
  • Examine the level of oil of the engine and the chain oiler; this is to prevent the entire engine failure and smooth and efficient operation of the chain.
  • If the chain is too loose, it could cause damage to the sprocket, chain and guide bar.
  • Tighten up all the loose bolts and screw and check every controls and handles to find out if they are functioning very well.
  • If you are fuelling for the first time or just fuelling as usual, make sure you stay 10 feet away from any source of ignition including cigarette.
  • Do not refuel chainsaw when the engine is running instead stop the engine and allow it to stand for some minutes to cool down before you refuel again.
  • Make sure you use metal or plastic fuel containers only with maximum capacity of five gallons.
  • Before you start or restart your chainsaw engine, stay away from the fuelling area and when you are about 10 feet away, you can wait to start your chainsaw equipment.
  • Do not be tempted to start the engine while you are holding the chainsaw in one hand and pulling the starting cord with other hand but instead put it on the ground or on any solid surface and allow her rip.


As soon as the equipment start running, you can start cutting, recall many key points that:

  • You are only permitted to hold the handle and do not be tempted to hold any other part because you could get burnt.
  • Make sure that your footing is secured because with running chainsaw in your hand you will not want to stumble or fall.
  • When you are not cutting, make sure you turn off the engine or use chain brake and be on the lookout for a kickback.


Any form of equipment will function properly when it is very new. Meanwhile, the perfection do wear away gradually the more one use it. But with little work and few adjustments, you can still get that perfection and chainsaw is no exemption to the rule. This is the best way to keep your chainsaw safe and have smooth operation. Aside, it increases its life span.