Chainsaw Maintenance

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Chainsaw Maintenance

A chainsaw is a useful piece of equipment but it is one of the most dangerous woodworking tools that are very essential to have in the woodworking shops. Making use of a chainsaw and as well as cutting down trees is not a very safe operation but yet, there are some things you need to do in order to make it safe for you. Some chainsaws are better than others but the most high end chainsaws are built the same therefore they all come down to personal preference. Not minding the kind of chainsaw you end up buying, you will still need some maintenance. Proper maintenance of your chainsaw makes it last for many years. Chainsaw maintenance is an important task but fortunately, you can learn it fast.


The interesting part is that you do not need any extensive skill before you can maintain service or repair your chainsaw. You can get some wonderful videos from the internet that will show you the step by step guide on what exactly you need to do. If you know you are not secured about your ability to repair or do your chainsaw maintenance by yourself, then you can always send it to your local chainsaw shop for repairs and pay them some tokens.


Do not use your chainsaw for long hours on end of a whole day but make sure you carry out some basic and preventative maintenance after ten to twelve hours of service. Here are some simple ways to maintain your chainsaw:

  • Check your air filter

Do not allow your air filter to clog up so that your machine will not be doing hard labour and cause over-heat. A clean and neat air filter is very important. If you are working in a dusty dirty environment, you may want to check the air filter often and often. It is a nice idea to check the air filter after every use.

  • Lubrication

If you want a smooth operation of you chainsaw, ensure enough lubrication. If your chainsaw stop working suddenly, then you need to check the lubrication if it is sufficient.

  • Sharpening

There are some people that call themselves professional logger and yet do not know when exactly their chainsaw gets dull. Anytime you are cutting a small quantity of pressure on the chainsaw, ensure that your chainsaw get a good bite. Sharp chain will always dig in and cut but if it is dull, you will need to do much pushing down on the chainsaw so that some cutting can occur. Make sure your chainsaw blade is sharpened by a professional who will help you restore it correctly to the right cutting angle.

  • Safety Gear

This is very crucial when carrying out chainsaw maintenance on a sharp tool leather gloves couple with some eye protection which are advisable to be of minimum standard.


Daily maintenance routine is made up of checking oil, petrol top up, checking power cords for any wear sign in case you are using electric chainsaw. You need to know that chainsaw is tensioned properly.